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Star Assessment Score Reports

Parents and Guardians please use this information to help you further understand your child’s STAR Scores.  Kindergarten and First Grade students take STAR Early Literacy Assessment on the computer.  Second through Eighth Grade students take STAR Math and Reading Computerized tests.  The scale score indicates the students’ performance on each test.  The percentile rank  shows a  student’s reading ability compared to other students in the same grade nationally.  The scale scores are categorized into the categories of “Urgent Intervention, Intervention, On Watch, and At/Above Benchmark.”  Students who are “At or Above Benchmark” have met the grade level expectations for the previous year.  Students that are “On Watch” have almost met the grade level expectations.   Urgent Intervention and Intervention students are below grade level.  Teachers use STAR test scores to help students improve and develop skills in each subject area throughout the course of the year.

Star Assessment Letter