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Science Fair

Important information and links for the School 24 "Science Fair"




  In the 4th & 5th Grade General Science category:

. 3rd Place was earned Lissy Maria-Recinos (5-C)

.2nd Place was earned by Isabella Rodas (4-L)

. 1st Place was earned by MariaLiz Timman (4-R) 


In the 6th & 7th Grade Scientific Inquiry category:

3rd place was earned by Lisaira Jimenez, Jaylene Merino-Torres and Emma Lugo (as a group)(6-M,6-S & 6-B)

2nd place was earned by Ziohany Castillo and Tania Felix (as a group) of 6-S

1st Place was earned by Bryan Budhram (6-S) 


In the 6th & 7th Grade Invention Category:

2nd Place was earned by Kevin Martinez (7)

1st Place was earned by Luis Triveno (6-S)


In the 8th Grade Invention Category:

Lissy Artiles earned 1st place. 


  All four 1st Placed students have been invited to the District STEM Expo which was held at William Paterson University on December 16th. 

  We want to thank our administrators Ms. Cotto, Mrs. Acevedo and Mrs. Perez, without whose support this Exposition would not have taken place. 


Project Bibliography Handout


Project Background Handout 


Science Buddies Website